A young girl, all of sixteen,
Huddled up in a corner;
She’d sit there, waiting,
Hoping, somebody would call her.

She had friends, galore,
Everybody knew her name;
But most didn’t talk to her anymore,
Things, had begun to change.

She fell, in a pit deep,
Couldn’t get out, needed help;
Nobody could see her weep,
Because, everybody had left.

She called out, but in vain,
Nobody seemed to care enough;
None empathized with her pain,
Maybe, all she needed was a hint of love.

The young girl, is now nineteen,
Still lonely in a crowded world;
Till date, she remains unseen,
I know, because I’m that girl.

MAJOR UPDATE: This poem got selected for publication in a poetry anthology, out of over 800 poems! This is my first published poem, as of 2019.

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16 thoughts on “A Girl Lost

  1. I love the poem. So much related. It’s depressive, isolated and lost.
    I’m gonna share a little experience of mine…
    Seek first the kingdom of God
    Everything shall be added unto you
    Happiness, love and wisdom…
    I wish you a very happy life

    Liked by 1 person

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