On a solitary night, I chanced upon a stranger,
Walking towards me, with a sluggish pace,
His hands clasped, gaze askew,
He wore no expression, on his pale face.

His eyes, darker than charcoal,
Seemed fixated, to the ground,
I stood there, watching him awhile,
As his stare, began lingering around.

Suddenly, his eyes met mine,
And the temperature, plummeted,
I could sense a shiver, run down my spine,
We stood motionless, as if, time had stopped.

I think, I saw him grin subtly,
His steps hastened,
As if, excited to see me,
I wondered, if he was an old acquaintance.

He came close and stood there, gaping,
I could hear him, breathe heavily,
He was reeking, of blood,
And started, whistling merrily.

In that moment, I felt stark fear,
His obscure eyes, now shining bright,
Blazing, with ghoulish fire,
Yet, failing to obliterate, the dimness of the night.

“I’ve been looking for you”, he said,
“In case you’re wondering, I’m β€˜DEATH’.”

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