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What have we done!

The planet is choking

Earth’s lungs, The Amazon is burning

Extreme temperatures, ice caps melting

The face of the earth is changing.

Resources are not enough left,

Ground water level is going down

The time, is running out.

Those who were born just yesterday,

And did nothing to cause climate change,

Will also face its consequences

We are all together in this mess

It is now our collective responsibility,

Let’s join hands to fight this calamity.

Every species suffers because of our careless actions,

Let’s not be mute spectators to this mass extinction.

Pick up the garbage which you did not throw

Bid adieu to single-use plastic, say no to straw

Use resources wisely; I don’t even have to say it,

Educate yourself on ways you can do your bit.

Remember, every little step counts,

We must act quick now.

Greta Thunberg is not alone.

We shall all protect our home

Whether 16 or 60 years old,

Together, we can achieve so much more.

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I performed this piece in a university event and bagged the first prize!

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