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I had a dream, that I was free,

Welcome to do, as I pleased,

Then I woke up, in the clutches of society.

“You are allowed to do, as you will,

We will let you be yourself, yet judge you still,

We shall kill your creativity, with our tedious drill.

We will mock you, for being different,

For showing the courage, to walk a distinct route,

We are here for you, only if you are like us, too.

What sells here, are comforting lies,

Venturing opinions, is uncalled for and rare,

Truth must be sugar-coated, or it would be too much to bear.

We do not want to see, the grim reality,

We are content, living in our little bubbles,

Say what you feel, be real, and you get into trouble.

There is no ruler here, or, so we say,

Just societal norms, and conventions to live by,

Failure to comply, could mean having to say goodbye.

‘Dream big’ is followed by, ‘but that is unachievable,’

We want you to do good, but not outdo us,

Try, and we remind you, that you are not good enough.

We censure, more than we praise,

We want you happy, while we do everything to steal your smile,

We will riddle you with negativity, and cry on your demise.

Live life on your terms, unless it is not what we deem fit,

Love yourself and your body, but we define what beauty is,

Here, flesh catches attention more often than what lies within.

This, my friend, is the bright outside world,

Where you are free, except that we govern your taste,

This is the life we have designed for you; enjoy your stay.

Welcome, to the ‘society’ – our society,

Now, this is your home,

Fail to comply, and you will be left alone.”

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